Rick and Morty fans nan ta algo “special” tin biaha, mane ora McDonald a reintroduci e szechuan sauce poco tempo pasa y un grupo di e fasn nan a lost their sh.t. Awo atrobe nan a perde nan ”collective shit” e weekend cu a pasa ora co-creator Dan Harmon a tweet cu ainda e show no a wordo “renewed”.

Harmon a contesta un “typically R&M angry fan” cu a bisa pa Harmon lanta su sanca y caba cu e writing di season 4, Harmon a skirbi: “I hear ya, tough spot. On one hand, it can be challenging, especially with crippling lazy alcoholism, to write a show that hasn’t been ordered by a network. On the other hand, the thought that fans like you pay the price…I mean…I’m gonna grab a drink.”

Di eynan, cos a cuminsa bay fe control. Paso maske Harmon no a bisa esaki, toch mayoria di e fans a compronde Rick and Morty‘s been cancelled!’

Loke mas sigur Harmon tabata kiermen ta cu:
‘Why should I work my fingers to the bone on a season that hasn’t even been officially commissioned yet?’

Adult Swim lo ta basta lolo, pa no order un di cuatro season ya cu Rick and Morty ta nan most successful show ever. Hende mester di djis tin untiki pasenshi, of den e caso aki masha hopi pasenshi. Paso corda cu show writer Ryan Ridley a yega di bisa esaki tambe:

“I know how long this show takes to write, let alone animate. I’d be surprised if there was a fourth season on the air anytime sooner than 2019… late 2019.”

Dus, tin basta tempo pa bay ainda, hopefully McDonald lo sigui cu nan szechuan sauce, pa mantene e fans nan aki bezig.

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